Amie Dicke Sensual Sadness 29/11/2003–

Like shameless eruptions, it begins to flow, greedily, incessantly, bodily fluids.
For her first solo exhibition in the US, Dutch artist Amie Dicke will be presenting a new body of work consisting of “cut-outs” and drawings. Dicke uses photos of movie stars and fashion models that appear in posters and magazines as her source material. In a slow and laborious process, she snips away at the bodies and faces of her subjects, parasitizeing on their beauty until there is a gossamer-thin web of contours. Most of the glamour from the original advertisements is changed into a stream of lines as a result of a very demanding and almost fluid technique where the paper is delicately cut-out. The silhouette of the ideal beauty remains as a fragile, disturbing or even a bit frightening figure. From eyes, mouths and noses flow threads of desire, craving and passion – all of which she does by applying layers of ink lines and drawings.
This exhibition has been generously supported by the Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam.
For more information contact:
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