Art Basel

Messe Basel, Messeplatz 10, 4058 Basel, 13 - 18 June 2023 

Peres Projects looks forward to presenting a curated booth for Art Basel 2023 with a selection of new works by artists from the gallery program, including Rebecca Ackroyd, Sholto Blissett, Emily Ludwig Shaffer, Dalton Gata, Harm Gerdes, Nicholas Grafia, Donna Huanca, Jeremy, Bayrol Jiménez, Melike Kara, Richard Kennedy, Dylan Solomon Kraus, Austin Lee, Beth Letain, Shuang Li, Mak2, Ad Minoliti, Tan Mu, Anton Munar, Marc Padeu, Cece Philips, Paolo Salvador, Yves Scherer, Rafa Silvares, Manuel Solano, Ziping Wang, and Kiyan Williams.

This presentation assembles works that offer multiple perspectives on temporality, featuring works that engage in dialogue with cultural traditions and art history as well as remake them. Drawing inspiration from divergent influences, ranging from literature, traditional and folk art practices, ecology, design, and modern art these artists explore the emotional and aesthetic resonances and connections between histories – peering through cracks in dominant narratives and pulling them open. 

The artists featured have practices that span performance, conceptual art, video, installation, digital art, painting and sculpture, and come from diverse backgrounds. These distinct contexts which span continents, national and political borders and personal history, demonstrate their comprehensive contributions to conversations in contemporary art. The selected works focus on the expansive landscape of human consciousness and creativity, negotiating new horizons in aesthetic works.