Frieze London

The Regent’s Park, with the entrance off Park Square West, London NW1 4LL, 11 - 15 October 2023 

Peres Projects looks forward to participating in Frieze London 2023 with a curated booth that will showcase a selection of works by artists from the gallery program. Bringing together paintings and sculptures that encompass a wide range of art genres, techniques, and materials, as well as various approaches to figuration and abstraction, the selection engages with current discussions prevailing within contemporary art.

In addition to this group presentation, a section of the booth will be dedicated to Cece Philips (b. 1996 in London, UK). Throughout her body of work, the London-born and -based artist explores nocturnal cosmopolises, imagining urban settings and modernist interiors inhabited by women, particularly women of color. Depicting scenes occurring during the “blue hour,” a twilight period when the remaining sunlight seemingly suspended between day and night takes on a bright blue shade, Philips’ paintings delve into the ambiguity of this hour: during this time frame, visual acuity wavers, and the possibility of mis-seeing becomes a gateway to reimagining people, events, and alternative social environments and dynamics.