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Austin Lee (b. 1983) is an artist living and working in New York, US.



  • MFA Painting, Yale School of Art, New Havan, US


  • BFA Painting, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, US

Current Solo Exhibitions

  • Tomato Can, Peres Projects, Berlin, DE

Solo Exhibitions


  • Serious Works, Kaikaikiki, Tokyo, JP


  • Light Paintings, BANK, Shanghai, CN
  • Anxiety, New Galerie, Paris, FR


  • Nothing Personal, Postmasters Gallery, New York, US
  • NO FAIR, Isbrytaren, Stockholm, SW, Carl Kostyál, Stockholm, SW
  • Me Art, Kaleideoscope, Milan, IT


  • Mixed Feelings, Carl Kostyal, London, UK
  • OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK, Postmasters Gallery, New York, US

Selected Group Exhibitions


  • The Second Self, Peres Projects, Berlin, DE
  • Unquestionable Optimism, The Barn Show, Johannes Vogt Gallery, New York, US
  • Horses, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, DK
  • Summer Show, Carl Kostyál, Stockholm, SW
  • Post Analog Painting II, The Hole NYC, New York, US
  • Drawing Island, The Journal Gallery, New York, US


  • Grayscale, Postmasters Gallery, New York, US
  • Juxtapoz x Superflat, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, CA
  • For Pete’s Sake, Carl Kostyál - Stockholm, SW
  • Face to Face, Palazzo Fruscione, Salerno, IT
  • Shifting Optics III, Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam, NL


  • Full of Peril and Weirdness: Painting as a Universalism, M Woods, Beijing, CN
  • Outta Town Shit, Kravets Wehby, New York, US
  • Group Show, Michael Jon Gallery - Detroit, US
  • WCW (@womencrushwednesday), Postmasters Gallery, New York, US
  • Thinking and Touching Time, Ortega y Gasset Projects, New York, US


  • Portrait in the Twenty First Century, Postmasters Gallery, New York, US
  • Appropriate Disruption, Jacob Lewis Gallery, New York, US
  • Early Man, The Hole, New York, US
  • Sha Boogie Bop, ANONYMOUS GALLERY, New York, US
  • If you’re accidentally not included, don’t worry about it, curated by Peter Saul, Galerie Zurcher, Paris, FR
  • Ducks, Greenpoint Terminal Gallery, Brooklyn, US
  • Go With The Flow, The Hole, New York, US
  • Tossed, Jeff Bailey Gallery, New York, US
  • Positivilly Marvillainous, Eric Firestone Gallery, East Hampton, US


  • casting a wide net, Postmasters Gallery, New York, US
  • Bite of Time, Fading Memory LVL3, Chicago, US
  • Yes, But Less, curated by Daria Irincheeva, Apt. 16, Newark, US
  • Experiment, Studio Aperto Gallery, St. Petersberg, RU


  • Deep Cuts, Curated by Wendy White & David Humphrey, Anna Kustera Gallery, New York, US
  • The Virgins Show Part 2, curated by Marilyn Minter, Family Business, New York, US
  • Getting It, Fowler Arts, Brooklyn, NY, US


  • Chain Letter, Samson Projects, Boston, US


  • Thanks. Frank, The Elkins Estate, Elkins Park, US
  • Kat Culchur, FLUXspace, Philadelphia, US
  • No Soul for Sale: A Festival of Independents, Tate Modern, London, UK
  • Reader’s Art 10, Susan Hensel Gallery, Minneapolis, US
  • The Science of Art, MCH Gallery, Frederick, US


  • Art Dash, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, US
  • My Face in Your Space, Nexus, Philadelphia, US
  • Offerings, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, US
  • Victory for Tyler, The Ice Box, Philadelphia, US


  • Tile Fortune, Exclamation Gallery, Philadelphia, US
  • Project Portal, Historic Yellow Springs, Chester Springs, US Superior Floor System, Exclamation Gallery, Philadelphia, US


  • Parris, New York, Philadelphia, F.U.E.L Collection, Philadelphia, US
  • The World Won’t End But Ours Will, Exclamation Gallery, Philadelphia, US
  • Puppies are Biodegradable, F.U.E.L. Collection, Philadelphia, US


  • Friendship: The Unsinkable, Test Pattern, Scranton, US
  • Nexus Selects, Nexus, Philadelphia, US
  • Introduce Yourself, F.U.E.L. Collection, Philadelphia, US
  • Serious Business, Tyler School of Art, Elkins Park, US


Artist  Title  Date  Location 
Austin LeeAustin Lee Tomato Can 2018-01-1919/01/2018–
Peres ProjectsPeres Projects
Group ShowDonna Huanca, Blair Thurman, Brent Wadden, Mark Flood, Leo Gabin, Beth Letain, Austin LeeDonna Huanca, Blair Thurman, Brent Wadden, Mark Flood, Leo Gabin, Beth Letain, Austin Lee FIAC 2017-10-1919/10/2017–
Paris, FRParis, FR
Group ShowAd Minoliti, Austin Lee, Beth Letain, Ce Jian, Donna HuancaGroup ShowAd Minoliti, Austin Lee, Beth Letain, Ce Jian, Donna Huanca The Second Self 2017-06-2323/06/2017–
Peres ProjectsPeres Projects
Group ShowAustin Lee, Donna Huanca, Classic African sculptures from GabonAustin Lee, Donna Huanca, Classic African sculptures from Gabon Independent Brussels 2017-04-1919/04/2017–
Brussels, BEBrussels, BE