The Dangerous Book Four Boys James Franco

Press release

Javier Peres is pleased to present The Dangerous Book Four Boys, the first European solo exhibition of James Franco.


Franco's works explore a variety of issues stemming from adolescence while acknowledging the contributions of influential artists and filmmakers such as Paul McCarthy and Kenneth Anger. This exhibition brings together short films, drawings, photographs, ephemera, sculptures and installations made over the last 4 years where we see Franco draw upon childhood experiences including notions of identity, masculinity, sexuality and other essential life experiences and culminates in presenting a rejection of normative parenthood and suggesting alternative paradigms for parental relations.


This exhibition was previously presented at the Clocktower Gallery, NYC, and we are thankful to curator Alanna Heiss and to Kunst-Werke, Institute for Contemporary Art for their support.


The exhibition and opening is free and open to the public.


In two locations:
Peres Projects MITTE Grosse Hamburger Strasse 17 10115 Berlin
Peres Projects KREUZBERG Schlesische Strasse 26 10997 Berlin


Opening hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11am – 6pm and by appointment. For further information or reproductions please contact Margherita Belaief or Nick Koenigsknecht at +49 30 6162 6962, or or

Installation Shots