Freeks Joe Bradley

Press release

Javier Peres is pleased to present Freeks Joe Bradleys first show in the new Peres Projects Mitte space.


How would they account for the fall of animal matter from above? The fall of animal matter from the sky. Debris from inter-planetary disasters. Aerial Battles. Food-supplies from cargoes of super-vessels, wrecked in inter-planetary traffic. Suppose there should be vast celestial super-oceanic vessels that come near this earth and discharge volumes of smoke at times? I should like to send out a report that a "thunderstone" has fallen, say, somewhere in New Hampshire. In Great Britain, France, Algeria, Circassia, Palestine: they are virtually everywhere- except in the far north, I think. Five "wild men" and a "wild girl" appeared in Connecticut. Of course... the requirements now facing us are: Not only data of vast wheel-like super-constructions that have relieved their distresses in the ocean, but data of enormous wheels that have been seen in the air, or
entering the ocean, or rising from the ocean. If it and they went down- not a single corpse, not a shred of clothing, not a plank of the quay, nor so much as a splinter of it ever floated to the surface. Our greasy, shiny brains may be of some use after all. Other modes place a high value on them as lubricants. We are hunted for them. The newspapers report a tornado upon the wings of a super-bat, hovering on wings, or wing like appendages, or planes that are hundreds of miles from tip to tip. He obscures a star. He shoves a comet? I think he's a vast, black, brooding vampire. I think there are, out in interplanetary space, Super Tamerlanes at the head of hosts of celestial ravagers. Whatever the case may be, I have noted a number of "mysterious strangers" or "wild men" who were naked in the street. I am tired of the sensible explanations that are holding back new delusions. So I suggest this thing, the wandering monster, was not a creature, but a construction. Throw-backs translated to earth, would not, unless intensely atavistic, take to what we regard as vices. They would join our churches and wallow in pews. They'd lose all decency and become practical jokers. Let a fall start, and the decline is swift.


Joe Bradley received his degree in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design. Recent solo exhibitions include a self titled exhibition at Jonathan Viner, London (2009), "Eat at Joes" at Peres Projects Kreuzberg (2009) and "Schmagoo Paintings" at Canada Gallery in New York (2008).


Freeks will be on view at Peres Projects Mitte (grosse hamburgerstrasse 17) through November 6th, 2010. Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, from 11:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M and by appointment. For further information or reproductions please contact Margherita Belaief at +49 30 6162 6962, or or Javier Peres at

Installation Shots