Wart Exhibit Mark Flood

Press release

Javier Peres is pleased to announce Wart Exhibit, a solo exhibition by Houston-based artist Mark Flood. The exhibition will include mixed media drawings, paintings, sculpture and installation.


Flood has been making and showing artwork for 30 years and has worn many different hats along the way: punk rocker, corporate lackey, author, identity illusionist. His work introduces the idea of a defeatist hermeticism: total, and yet not reassuring. A search-and-deface tactic serves the artist's needs; collected Hurricane Ike debris, glossy celebrity posters, road signs and bolts of chintzy lace are transformed to cut a swath through the usual. This would seem to be the point of artwork at large.


But, in Mark's case, the swath is not born from the withdrawn nobility of stereotypical studio practice. Instead the self-described "multi cellular invertebrate recently discovered under the slimy rock of obscurity" exists squat in the mix, if only to adjust it. Even beauty is re-mapped to become, as Flood says, "the sort that bypasses art bureaucrats, would-be authoritarians and the gut-shielding, gate-keeping functions of the human mind." The surface of a text panel or lace painting still holds all the irregularities and shiny moments prone to seduction: if one is seduced by important words misspelled, does it still count? In the artist's words, "Using the finest retail display technology, Wart Exhibit assembles a sampling of these problematic exercises into a walk-thru experience for casual viewing." This is the first solo exhibition by Mark Flood in Berlin.

Installation Shots