aqui volvemos adornos frivolos assume vivid astro focus

Press release
Peres Projects is pleased to present aqui volvemos adornos frivolos, a solo exhibition by assume vivid astro focus at Peres Projects, Berlin. 
To Do List PP Berlin:
1. use temporary broken walls from previous show, transform back area into enclosed room for rotating pyramid sculpture; 2. soundtrack for pyramid room: black meteoric star? glass candy's "ms broadway" shout mix from deitch? tamiko jone's "let it flow" (ask danny for a copy)? manuel göttsching's "e2-e4"?; 3. produce painted cardboard hand made flags with avaf initials combo sentences letters - ask sophie, tenko and xavier to help us with that; 4. create colored tunnel structure made out of apparent wood studs for visitors to crawl thru and lead to pyramid room, ask philip to help us with that; 5. block both entrances to our room and make the area outside pyramid room just viewable from the window (like a vitrine) or thru holes on the tunnel structure; 6. cover interior of pyramid room with reflective mylar material from moca or survival blanket (cheaper)?; 7. decide performance for opening (to be seen only from street): yorgos? baltazar? hanayo? steev? yusi? olof? lalaby?; 8. laser directed onto pyramid so beam is shot all over when pyramid rotates? check security; 9. work on new images for collage wallpapers and canvases: details from ricky's drip paintings from deitch show, details from deitch graffiti, details of avaf tapestry, vava's fabric, maori prints, totof's clothes scans – do an all over color abstract show (apart from crawling girls drawings); 10. install canvases as stand alone with wood studs support around and above tunnel structure; 11. install collage wallpaper hanging stiff from ceiling like menphis reference; 12. hand made masks: papier mache children book reference with monster face? different geometric shapes masks (like pic of bruno gregori's progetto molle)?; 13. incorporate neons from athens show, check if one of them is broken or not; 14. have one avaf designs turned into graffiti painted on wood panels, dismember kunsthalle vienna placards; 15. image for invite: artboredom shit pic or taboo magazine girl drawing?; 16. go to that party shop on hauptstrasse to get more decorations; 17. research: richard lindner, exyzt, hiro yamagata, alchemia, tenori-on, colored plastics, colored ropes, dumpster, richard bernstein, frederick kiesler; 18. youtube: captain horlock, recent grace jones' concert, amanda lear on stryxx, illegal late 80s/early 90s rave parties, toto coelo, "look around you"; 19. get copy of "luminous procuress" for basso; 20. project for glass pavilion: avaf endless lecture/slide show or heike's lecture on berlin (speaking from inside a fake berlin wall sculpture with just her head visible); 21. visit teufelberg; 22. try to find colored trash bags jerry got us around kottbussertor; 23. yorgos: "gold thessaloniki" video or installation with fabric sheets popping out of the gallery windows onto the ceiling?; 24. ask federico to fix our bikes; 25. ask nd baumecker about doing opening's after party at kantine; 26. incorporate studio's piss bottles in the show? bring piss bottles to jan's kunstkompost; assume vivid astro focus was born anytime between the 20th and 21st centuries in various parts of the world, nomads .
Installation Shots