Press release

Peres Projects is pleased to present SGOZZATA, a group exhibition with works by Dan Attoe, Avner Ben Gal, Larry Clark, Jen De Nike, Amie Dicke, Kaye Donachie, Lucio Fontana, Thomas Helbig, Terence Koh, Steven Parrino, Dean Sameshima, Robert Therrien, and Andro Wekua.

SGOZZATA is an homage to the aesthetics and narrative form of classic Hollywood film noir and Italian giallo movies. The exhibition is a stylistic translation of these popular film genres into an art gallery context; a cinematic murder-mystery within the "white cube." SGOZZATA (Italian for slit throat) is an exhibition that, piece by piece, reveals the grim story of the violent murder of a young woman. Each work is a kind of scene or still taken from the non-existent film. Typical of the existential pessimism found in noir and giallo films,
SGOZZATA is a bleak and ambiguous story of betrayal and violence; the dejected jealous husband and the doomed femme fatale succumb to their cruel fate. As clues to the crime, the works in SGOZZATA lure an investigative eye from beginning to the grisly end.


Accompanying SGOZZATA will be a series of film screenings featuring several classic film noir and giallo movies that inspired the exhibition. The first film will be shown on Wednesday, March 5 at 9pm at BASSO (Koepenicker Str. 187-188, Berlin), Dario Argento's "L'Uccello dalle Piume di Cristallo" (The Bird with Crystal Plumage), 1970. The other films and times will be announced shortly.