New Sculptures Liz Craft

Press release

Peres Projects is very pleased to announce our first exhibition with Los Angeles based artist Liz Craft. Craft will present a series of new sculptures.


In the recent past Liz Craft has created sculptures that are entrenched in a defiantly American, West Coast even, language. She has populated her Californian counterculture fairytale land with a skeleton riding a Harley chopper, unicorns, roller skating witches, a "Foxy lady", guitar playing hippies, lounging ladies, flies on shit, etc. Continuing her interest into the world of fantasy, Craft will present a group of new hairy dudes and a ladder sculpture all made of cast and patinated bronze. The hairy dudes appear to be on some sort mission, or maybe they are just hanging out, collecting flowers, checking out the "real" world they can only quietly observe…. Well, no one knows, but time will tell.


New Sculptures by Liz Craft will be on view at Peres Projects, Los Angeles (969 Chung King Road, Los Angeles, CA 90012) through October 22, 2005. 

Installation Shots