the inevitability of alignment Dylan Solomon Kraus

Press release

Peres Projects is pleased to present the inevitability of alignment, Dylan Solomon Kraus’ first solo exhibition at Peres Projects Seoul and his second with the gallery.


Solomon Kraus compares the symbols that recur throughout his work to the pictorial language of hieroglyphs. Encountering these images again and again, there is a quality of directness in their meaning that accumulates throughout the exhibition, the repetition of clocks, moons, clouds, swans, and boats (amongst others) are almost ritualistic, as if summoned to the canvas by an incantation. They can be described as letters in an alphabet or notes in a song and it is through the various constellations and assembly of these signs that meaning emerges.


In a new series of works for this exhibition, the artist depicts an eruption of clouds and planets, color and brushstrokes swirling with energy and commotion. In Genesis (2022), a cloud bursting from a dark sky brims with planets, stars and shapes – the moment just before creation is represented as a cloud of pure potential. Despite pursuing cosmic themes, the works are also defined by a quality of humour, which the artist explains as “because to imagine creation is impossible, and so to try to depict the unimaginable and contain it in a little canvas is comedy”.


the inevitability of alignment is about trust in cosmic power, imagining the universe as an instrument made up of planets, space and time – the solar system as a system of celestial mechanics where eventually everything clicks into place like a combination lock. Solomon Kraus builds layered lexicons in order to explore, as he describes, “meaning in life and meaning in time and the passing of our lives.”


Dylan Solomon Kraus (b. 1987 in Ohio, US) is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Berlin. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Cooper Union in 2015. Recent solo exhibitions include Spotlight: Dylan Kraus’ Corvus Cornix, Almine Rech, London, Holy Unrest, Peres Projects, Milan, Which Reveals Itself to Those It May Concern, Mamoth, London and The Shining, Entrance, New York. Solomon Kraus has also exhibited in a number of group exhibitions including Everything is Personal, Tramps, New York, Horology, Jack Hanley Gallery, New York, Monotypes with Friends, Entrance, New York and The Skies and the Atmosphere Most Luscious, James Fuentes, New York.

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