Shanghai, CN
November 9–11, 2018

Melike Kara

At Art 021 Shanghai, Peres Projects is pleased to present a selection of works by Melike Kara.

Kara’s overarching interests in 20th century German figurative traditions and social hierarchies dominate her artistic vision. Her artworks question the domestic and the foreign; belonging and exclusion. In her works, ambiguous and tightly entwined figures are depicted in a restricted color palette and rendered in confident strokes, enticing the attention of viewers with their compelling compositions.

Devoid of personal attire, the figures in Kara’s works seem interchangeable. They struggle in a fight for their own visibility within the collective body. From within the selected works, questions of composition and identity emerge: When do single figures stand by themselves? When do they become tiny stones in the mosaic of the masses? And who stands out amongst hundreds of grey faces?


Find us at Booth E05

Shanghai Exhibition Center

No. 1000, Yan An Middle Road, Shanghai, China

November 9–11, 2018



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