Miami, US
December 8–8, 2007

Folkert de Jong


Opening: December 8, 7 pm – midnight
December 9th and 10th, 11am – 7pm and by appointment
Location: The Chatham Building, 155 NE 40th st. Miami Design District
Contact: Kathy Garcia,

Javier Peres is very pleased to present Folkert De Jong’s installation “The Shooting at… Watou” (2006) in conjunction with Art Basel Miami Beach 2006.

“The Shooting at…Watou” re-enacts, in the allegorical form of David and Goliath the battle between Spain and the Dutch Republic in the 80 Years’ War. The 10 ft tall polyurethane Goliath is Spain grimacing in the face of death, the life-sized Dutch are the heroic David; executioners, absolved of their guilt.

With a masterful hand and a palette of perverse synthetic colors, De Jong’s sculptural installations cast an illusion of an uncanny and dreamlike nihilism. Drawing from a lineage of artists using war to depict psychological turmoil and the darker side of the human condition “The Shooting at…Watou” is an allegory of pathological male violence, explicated in sculptural figures playing out the rituals of war.

Inflected with historical data that points to actual events, the sculptures and the signs embedded within them combine to form a symbolic vernacular culminating in a larger mythos that while satirizing, mirrors a media-infected society obsessed with the theatricality of violence.

Initially created for the Museum Dhondt-Dhanens after De Jong was invited by the director, Joost Declercq, to create a site-specific work in Watou. De Jong chose a narrow strip of border territory between France and Belgium to pay homage to an area notorious for its savage war history.

De Jong explicates the anonymity of violence cloaked in a history of war to create stages of death-without-meaning, inhabited by physical caricatures that serve to expose political figures as idols of perversity.

Folkert De Jong was born in Alkmaar, the Netherlands in 1972. He attended the Academy for Visual Arts, Amsterdam and in 2003 was nominated for the Prix de Rome for sculpture. “Gott Mit Uns”, a new monograph of the works of Folkert de Jong is now available and Peres Projects will present his first German solo exhihibtion opening January 27, 2007.