Los Angeles, US
February 13–17, 2019

Ajarb Bernard Ategwa

Peres Projects is delighted to announce our participation in ALAC 2019, where we will present a solo booth by Ajarb Bernard Ategwa.

Ajarb Bernard Ategwa paintings explore the fast changing urban landscape which surrounds him in his native Cameroon.  Ategwa’s large format works mimic the scale of cityscapes and public spaces, and his vivid color palette and graphic style speak the language of advertising familiar to inhabitants of Douala, Cameroon’s largest city and economic capital. Historically, Douala has had a wide range of foreign influences.  More recently, China’s and other foreign investment in to large scale infrastructure projects, have spurred economic, social and cultural development. As a result, the city has had an influx of migrants from both within the country, as well as from neighboring regions. This has shaped Douala into the diverse and contemporary city that is the source of inspiration for Ategwa’s work.

Ategwa’s painting style is based on complex line drawings on canvas, which are executed free-hand. They imply a movement and momentum reflective of his rapidly transforming city. In this sea of change, fish are depicted swimming in the sky and women in open air hair salons are shown in front of skyscrapers which appear to sway in the wind like palm-trees.  Equal parts representation and storytelling, the paintings lead us sequentially through a larger narrative which describes the frenetic bustle of Ategwa’s adopted hometown, and provide us with a singular visual experience.

Peres Projects at ALAC

Booth B5

The Barker Hangar

3021 Airport Avenue

Santa Monica, CA 90405

February 13–17, 2019