One Day At A Time
Brent Wadden
Joe Bradley
Kandis Williams
Mark Hagen
Scott Olson
Brendan Lynch
Hope Atherton

June 30–July 28, 2012

Mark Hagen | Kandis Williams | Scott Olson | Brendan Lynch | Brent Wadden | Joe Bradley | Hope Atherton
One day at a time
Peres Projects Mitte, Berlin
June 30 – July 28, 2012

Peres Projects is proud to present One day at a time, a group exhibition bringing together works by 7 North American artists who create “abstract” art employing various visual approaches ranging from repetition, reproduction, patterns, folding, cutting, knotting and reconfiguring.

Hailing from cities including Los Angeles, New York, Baltimore, New Brunswick, and New Hampshire, these artists choice of medium, paper, paint, burlap, canvas, wax, chalk, cloth, and dye, often recall important periods in the development of historical abstract art yet each makes sculptures, paintings and collages which speak of their unique moment.

One day at a time is the first time that works by these North American artists will be shown together in Berlin.


Opening hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11am – 6pm and by appointment.

For press and media inquiries, please contact Helena Strängberg at Bureau N: or +49 30 3087 4075.

For further information and sales inquiries, please contact Javier Peres (, Nick Koenigsknecht ( or you can call at +49 30 275 950770.