What is Between Us
Chris Ballantyne

December 14–January 25, 2003

Chris Ballantyne
What is between us

Peres Projects is pleased to present San Francisco based artist Chris Ballantyne’s first show with the gallery. Ballantyne will be presenting a new body of work consisting of large paintings on panels, drawings and a sculpture installation made of ramps.

Born in Mobile, Alabama (1972), Chris Ballantyne’s approach to his art practice takes in an observation of the American landscape as he provides subtle commentary on our obsession with landownership and domination – of the land and of each other.

Ballantyne uses paintings, drawings and sculptural installations as his primary modes of expression and relays his work with aerial views depicting familiar urban and suburban environments which he presents in a manner that creates what he has called “an uneasy sense of quiet”. Empty pools, white houses, fences, windows and highway overpasses are among the subjects he often employs to explore complex relationships between people and our surroundings.

“My work draws on the American landscape where property is prominently divided and no space is unaccounted for. . . . [However, while] our natural landscape is a concern I am most interested in how we separate ourselves and intervene in our natural surroundings.” Ballantyne’s chosen vocabulary of empty, fragmented landscapes speaks a great deal of his concerns about how and why people relate to each other. He often provides a personal reference to highlight his interests particularly by focusing on the skateboarding and surfing culture of Southern Florida which informed his adolescence and which provided him with an outlet to connect with people through the shared experience of taking journeys through the neighborhood. Increasingly pertinent in the 21st century, Ballantyne provokes debate on what is important in life and how mankind’s efforts to become more connected, advanced, etc., often result in increased isolation and disfranchisement.

Chris Ballantyne earned his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in May 2002. Born into a military family that moved often throughout the US, he has lived and worked in San Francisco since 2000.

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