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Peres Projects presents ROSAS, an exhibition in two parts by Italian artist Marinella Senatore (b. in 1977 Cava dei Tirreni, Italy). ROSAS is the culmination of a project aimed at creating a trilogy of operas specifically intended for the screen. Bringing into play a cast and crew of over 20,000 participants, the project spanned a twelve-month period as well as artist residencies in three European cities. In part one of her first Berlin solo exhibition, Senatore presents photographic, video and drawn documentation of the production process of this monumental trilogy. The work is presented around the forum of a tea bar, like the one used by the participants during the production of the English chapter, inviting visitors to stay and process the show whilst enjoying freshly brewed tea. The tea bar will remain open to the public free of charge throughout the duration of the exhibition. Part one of ROSAS opens at Peres Projects on September 15th from 7pm to 10pm with a performance in the gallery's courtyard. In the tradition of silent films, a portion of the opera trilogy will be screened accompanied by a live performance of the Junges Ensemble Berlin together with the artist.


Perfect Lives, the first chapter of the opera trilogy, was produced in Berlin during Senatore's residency at the Kunstlerhaus Bethanien. Senatore collaborated with local newspapers and radio stations to reach out to schools, actors, dancers, professionals and amateurs, as well as groups and associations in the Kreuzberg and Neukölln neighborhoods of the German capital. More than 500 members of this diverse group of participants, which included an orchestra of retired transportation workers, activists, workers union, and professional opera singers, participated in writing the libretto as well as producing and directing the final film work.


During her subsequent residency at Quad in Derby, UK, Senatore produced chapter two of the ROSAS trilogy entitled The Attic. Using the same process of community involvement, Derby residents participated in free workshops lead by local professionals, teachers, and technicians in order to prepare for different roles required in the creation of the film. The local community was engaged in a variety of different activities ranging from crew members and actors to cooks and flashmob participants. Ultimately more than 15,000 people were involved and at the completion of The Attic, Senatore left her set behind along with all of the technical equipment allowing the local community to use it for their own projects.


Finally at Matadero in Madrid, Spain, Senatore produced the final chapter of the trilogy entitled Public Opinion Descends Upon The Demonstrators. Senatore again relied on community involvement and this time the public was able to witness the movie making process in its entirety. From screenwriting sessions involving hundreds of participants to production, the entire process was on view to museum visitors.


Communication and the sharing of experiences played a significant role in the creation of this ambitious, multifaceted project. Senatore facilitated travel for participants from each chapter of the trilogy to visit the next locations in order to increase the dialogue amongst the all participants. For some, these interactions marked the first time they left their homes to visit a foreign country. The trilogy's four languages: German, English, Spanish and British Sign Language, are indicative of the deep cultural interaction and collaboration, which is at the core of Senatore's work.


Part one of ROSAS will be on view at Peres Projects Berlin (Mitte) from September 15th through October 20th.


Part two of ROSAS will be on view at Peres Projects Berlin (Mitte) from November 3rd through December 15th..


An essay by Stefan Heidenreich will accompany the exhibition.


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