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Founded in 2002 by Javier Peres, Peres Projects platforms artists whose work has since helped define the cultural landscape.


Peres Projects aims to amplify some of the most important and under-represented artistic voices in the world. Although the gallery has locations in Berlin, Milan and Seoul, its mission stretches beyond the bounds of their exhibition spaces and extends to engaging with museums and public collections. 


The gallery's programme spans a diverse community of artists, and sits at the centre of a network of cross-cultural exchange that connects artists to institutions and scholars around the world. This boundlessness is embodied by the artists themselves, with many extending their artistic presence into the social and structural architectures of the spaces they inhabit. 


Take Donna Huanca's dense, multi-layered works that mirror the geology of Earth, urgently reminding us, in our increasingly urban and tech-focussed societies, of our connection to the planet. Her installations deliver a full sensory experience by incorporating painting, sculpture, sound, scent and performance. These ambitious projects defy people's collective tendency to experience the world through the small screens on their phones. Recently, Huanca had a large-scale, immersive exhibition at the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle and just a few months ago she mounted a curated exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery in London, for which a catalogue will soon be released. 


British artist Rebecca Ackroyd's work redefines our experience of space and time through architectural and sculptural interventions, which recall our intangible journeys through memory. Her labyrinthine installations explore the feminine experience of family, labour and urbanity. Her next large-scale exhibition will be mounted at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lyon later this year. 


Meanwhile, Peres Projects continues to spotlight emerging voices such as multimedia artist Shuang Li, who recently participated in the Venice Biennale, and Marc Padeu, whose work portrays climactic moments of both social and domestic life in a rapidly developing Cameroon. The result is  an expansive global hub for contemporary visual art and 

a community of artists who exhibit internationally in a host of renowned partner galleries, institutions and fairs. 


Over the years, Peres Projects has encompassed a wide spectrum of artists whose unique ways of experiencing the world and sharing that experience are at the core of the gallery's programme. Drawing from their own personal and cultural histories, these artists' works embody voices that add to both the cultural and social discourse. 


Jeremy, a new addition to the Peres Projects roster, is currently having his debut at the Berlin gallery with his solo exhibition Mourning Opulence. The Swiss artist is interested in our collective beliefs on identity. His enigmatic forms, which are beyond categorisation, explore how these are becoming both more individual and fluid. Amorphous and swollen, they fill the canvas. The work beautifully aligns with the gallery's philosophy of exploring the limits of human experience and pressing at the edges of societal expectations. 


As Peres Projects connects disparate sectors of the art world, its diverse hub of artists connects fractured and under-represented parts of the human experience that deserve a closer look. 


Artists: Rebecca Ackroyd, Ajarb Bernard Ategwa, Mark Flood, Dalton Gata, Harm Gerdes, Nicholas Grafia, Donna Huanca, Dorothy Iannone, Jeremy, Bayrol Jimenez, Melike Kara, Richard Kennedy, Stanislava Kovalcikova, Dylan Solomon Kraus, Austin Lee, Beth Letain, Shuang Li, Mak2, Ad Minoliti, Tan Mu, Marc Padeu, Cece Philips, George Rouy, Yaerim Ryu, Paolo Salvador, Emily Ludwig Shaffer, Rafa Silvares, Manuel Solano, Blair Thurman, Brent Wadden and Ziping wang.


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February 18, 2023