Köpek by Melike Kara

Katja Horvat, Cura Magazine, October 1, 2017

Melike Kara: Köpek" goes directly after our outer and inner sensations that affect us. the show plays with the plasticity of the brain, and shows artists true identity and upbringing. "Kopek" works around influences of the genes, categorizing the world and understanding why we operate the way we do. Throughout her own story and beliefs, Kara put together a show which gives us an insight into our own beliefs. She never pinpoints, rather always gives the beholder room for interpretation and the ability to shape the course of the thoughts and feels. Hierarchy, gentrification, perils of empathy (somewhat hidden), inequality, religion, forgiveness, evil, morality, obedience, incompatible, volatile behaviour, are all characteristics that would describe the context of “Köpek”, or to make a long story short, “It is complicated.”