An Interview with the Digitally-Inspired Artist Austin Lee in Queens, New York

Flora Alexandra Ogilivy, Arteviste, October 21, 2016

Austin Lee is an American artist known for his playful, airbrushed acrylics. Introduced by mutual friends in Lon- don, we met at his studio in Long Island City, Queens near to MoMa PS1 and the Noguchi Museum. Com- bining technology and art, Austin describes himself as “a computer nerd as well as an artist,” and the proof was in his digital preparatory sketches. Austin thinks of his cutting-edge paintings as sharing an isolated mo- ment, keeping it alive and making it timeless. As he sees it, “I’m always pushing forward, because art is a language that people add to. If people emulate my work then that’s a positive thing, it’s very complimentary.”