Aesthetic And Philosophical Investigations Around The Sentient Body And Its Biochemical Wreckages

Gerardo Contreras, Kaleidoscope Magazine, October 1, 2016

In her recent work, Donna Huanca addresses the indissoluble schizodynamic basis of extrasen-sory modes of embodied cognizance. Her work discloses a discernment of mystical percipience as the outcome of translationally undeviating quantum dissipations of biosynthetic informa-tional particles emanating from sentient enti-ties. Consequently, in Huanca’s work, animate objects become dissipative assemblies in unclut-tered pseudo-differential architectures, upholding a mutable form that nevertheless remains distant from utter intransience by incorporating biosemi-otic contingencies and preternatural dynamisms from localized microbiological networks.