Berlin Gallery Weekend

Karim Crippa, Cura Magazine, May 5, 2017

As exhausting and exhilarating as any art event can be. Berlin Gallery Weekend 2017 ended last Sunday, April 30. For a couple of days, the German capital was filled by collectors being chauffeured around in glossy BMWs: fashionable youngsters who this year replaced their used tote bags with used fanny packs: dinners and cocktail receptions at stylish venues no real Berliner would ever set foot in: and discussions, debates, disagreements about which show was best, what was the worst, which surprised, disappointed, irritated, bored or satisfied the most. In fact there was a lot to discuss thanks to the dynamics developed by Gallery Weekend over the years, spaces and galleries who aren’t officially participating in it organise shows of equal, if not superior quality: those exhibitions end up beings as much part of gallery weekend as Northern German weather and cheap beer.