Donna Huanca and Richie Shazam on Sisterhood, City Girls, and Scar Tissue

Richie Shazam, Interview Magazine, October 24, 2023

“I never wanted to paint on a canvas,” says the artist Donna Huanca. SCAR TISSUE (BLURRED EARTH), her just-opened show at Farschou New York in Greenpoint, is a testament to her defiance of convention. The Chicago-born, Berlin-based artist’s work transcends categorization; towering paintings, mirrored sculptures, and scent and sound works create a dreamscape only punctured by a series of performances by Huanca’s NYC family, including former roomie Richie Shazam, who called Huanca up before she flew in for the show. As Shazam speaks of her like a protective older sister, the two get into reminiscing on Berlin summer nights and breaking art-world glass ceilings.