God Spoiled A Perfect Asshole When He Put Teeth In Yer Mouth Dash Snow

Javier Peres is very pleased to present Dash Snow in his first Los Angeles solo exhibition God Spoiled A Perfect Asshole When He Put Teeth In Yer Mouth. The artist will present a new body of work that includes photographs, collages, sculptures, a video and installations.
When William S. Burroughs drug-soaked stream of consciousness first hit, its radical, inspired literary rhythms genuinely represented the counter-cultural mores of a vital new underground. Best known for his insider photographic record, alternately poetic and gross, Dash Snow captures a crude reality of thriving lower east side subculture emblematic of such Burroughs-esque dissidence. Yet in the endless and official shit-storm of backlashes and counter-counter-cultural ascendancy, Snow's recorded moments offer a perspective unfazed.
His more recent foray into collage conveys the pathos of destruction transformed by the creative impulse. How difficult is it for the totemic to become void, then terrifying, then sacred again? In contrast to the succinct and guileless quality of the documentary photographs, the shapes used in his collages shift and combine obscurely. Snow deploys forms of hermeticism, surrealism and, most evidently, DADA as the work transforms benign objects into hallucinatory passages both beautiful and sinister.
Finally, collapsing notions of action and the absurd, Snow also presents his first film, projected on the gallery ceiling through the gallery floor. 8mm documentary footage of a recent performance in situ spreads over the room like a wet blanket.
Dash Snow (b. 1981) lives and works in NY and will be present for the opening.
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