Shuang Li

Press release
Peres Projects is pleased to present Shuang Li's (b. 1990 in Wuyi Mountains, CN)  first solo exhibition with the gallery in Milan.
Situated in globalized communication systems and inspired by various localities and uneven information flows, Shuang Li’s work, which encompasses performance, interactive websites, sculpture and moving image installations, studies various mediums that compose the contemporary digital landscape. Crucial to this practice is the interaction between the medium and its users as well as amongst the mediums themselves. These diverse forms of intimacy form a motif that runs through the artist’s practice, as she explores how various forms of technology bring us into contact, and how they form part of a neoliberal apparatus that regulates the body and desire. Yet her focus is not limited to the virtual, but also includes the material lives of those digital landscapes, such as the infrastructure and logistics systems that support it, and more importantly, the cracks in between.
More information will be available soon.