Ziping Wang

Press release
Peres Projects is pleased to present Ziping Wang's (b. 1995 in Shenyang, CN) second solo exhibition with the gallery and her first in Berlin. 
Ziping Wang cultivates an intensely graphic visual field creating fragmented and immersive reflections of our information saturated world. Vibrant and intense, her paintings incorporate a variety of familiar images including brand logos, children’s toys and pop culture references as well as old master still lifes and traditional Chinese decorative motifs. Wang is particularly interested in the deceptive nature of image modification. She transforms these popular symbols to build a distinct visual code based on transcultural markers and collective memory. Drawing inspiration from activist codes and internet slang, Wang’s metaphor-based cryptology unpicks the ambiguity between reality and our constructed online worlds. Her collage-like works embody a maximalist abundance whilst also containing a flatness that reflects the single dimension of the virtual experience. The images she renders are deliberately misleading. Instead of attempting to aesthetically counter the information overload that characterizes contemporary society Wang’s paintings emphasize it.
More information will be available soon.