Shanghai, CN
November 12–15, 2020

Shuang Li


November 12–13, 2020

Collectors Preview (by invitation only)

November 14–15, 2020

Public Day (Admission with VIP Card / Ticket)



Peres Projects is pleased to participate in Art021 with a curated solo booth by Shuang Li, which will present the artist’s video installation I Want to Sleep More but by Your Side, 2018-19. The video draws from the artist’s own experiences growing up on a factory compound in China while immersed in online culture. These personal experiences are distributed through a fictional narrative of an online love story between a teenage boy working in a yellow vest factory and a French woman, set against the backdrop of the Gilet Jaunes protests in France, reflecting on the highly mediated reality we live in right now.

Peres Projects荣幸于上海021艺术博览会带来艺术家李爽的单人展位,展出录像装置《只想在你枕边长眠》。作品灵感来自艺术家生活成长于国内工厂的生活经历,其间网络和现实的交互影响。结合当下高度媒介化的现实,艺术家将这些个人体验融合成在法国黄马甲运动背景下,一个在国内黄马甲工厂工作的青少年和一个法国母亲之间虚构的网络爱情故事。

Within the framework of this fictional romance, Li imagines how mass-produced objects take on an erotic quality. This entanglement of multiple layers of desire, troubles our agency in all these various forms of yearning – the production of the objects themselves bound up with the production of desire. Li asks us to consider the structures that may modify or anticipate these desires. She also demonstrates how entire lives are structured around these seemingly banal desires, where entire landscapes are organized to accommodate, respond to, and manufacture these needs.

在这个虚拟罗曼史框架中,李爽给予量产商品以情欲质量。各个层次的欲望相互交错,不同形式的渴望困惑了主体 – 欲望的生产和物件的生产无法分割。她还展示了生活是如何围绕这些看似日常的欲望构建起来的,以及整个城市是如何组织起来适应、回应和制造这些需求。

Li’s works grapple not only with eroticism in digital spaces, but gendered and reproductive labour, as well as geopolitics. Her works explore the link between desire and commodity fetishism, as it is enmeshed in global systems of demand and the corresponding invisibility of supply. Through a meditation on the yellow vest as an object, Li considers and brings together two points on the timeline of the vest’s circulation; the assembly with the end use. These every day, quotidian objects that have become overloaded with affective and political meaning, are traced back to the conditions of their production. Li nestles these works within the discourse on geopolitical, transnational economies, and asks us to consider the conditions of our globalized system, from a unique, on the ground perspective and through the lens of desire.

李爽的作品不仅有关数字空间中的情欲,还涉及性别化的劳动与生育劳动,以及地缘政治。在全球各个系统相互交织中,相应的需求和供给并不透明,而她的作品探索的正是当下背景中欲望与恋物之间的联系。将黄背心作为一个中点,李爽把其流通时间线上的两个点联系在一起: 流水线及其终端,追溯承载了情感和政治意义的日常商品的起源。她的这些作品在地缘政治、跨国经济的讨论中,给与我们一个独特的在地视角,从欲望的角度来思考我们全球化体系中的各种条件。

Shuang Li has had solo exhibitions at Peres Projects, Berlin; Callie’s, Berlin; Open Forum, Berlin; and SLEEPCENTER, New York, and has participated in numerous institutional exhibitions including OCAT x KADIST Foundation, Shanghai; UCCA Dune, Qinhuangdao; X Museum Triennial, curated by Poppy Dongxue Wu, Beijing; Kunstverein Bielefeld, Bielefeld; Times Museum, which commissioned the work I Want to Sleep More but by Your Side, curated by Biljana Ciric for the show ‘Modes of Encounter: an Inquiry’, Guangzhou; Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong; Centre Pompidou in collaboration with the Mao Jihong Foundation, Chengdu; Taikang Space, Beijing; Flux Factory, New York; K11 art foundation, Shanghai; and at Oberlin College, Oberlin.

李爽近期个展包括:Peres Projects,柏林;Open Forum,柏林;Callie’s,柏林以及SLEEPCENTER,纽约。她的作品也广泛参加机构展览,包括OCAT x 卡蒂斯特基金会,上海;UCCA沙丘美术馆,秦皇岛;X美术馆三年展,吴雪冬策展,北京;比勒菲尔德美术馆,比勒菲尔德;广东时代美术馆,策展人比利安娜·思瑞克为展览“慢进?我们如何共处”委任制作了《只想在你枕边长眠》,广州;大馆,香港;蓬皮杜艺术中心与毛继鸿艺术基金会,成都;泰康空间,北京;Flux Factory,纽约;K11艺术中心,上海;以及欧柏林学院,欧柏林。