Donna Huanca, SCAR TISSUE (BLURRED EARTH), Faurschou, New York

“My work is a reaction to our present moment — a time of fierce acceleration and disembodiment, of fleeting memory and distorted consciousness. The goal of my work is to scar the viewer’s memory, to bring them back to their body by triggering senses with a textural language.” – Donna Huanca

This October, Faurschou premieres Donna Huanca: SCAR TISSUE (BLURRED EARTH), the artist’s first major institutional solo presentation in New York.

In this site-specific installation, comprised of a new body of work: including paintings, sculpture, olfactory, and sound works, Donna Huanca (b. 1980, Chicago) presents an extraction of primal sensory signals that proliferate in a new landscape full of reflections. Using past performance documentation as the foundation for her subsequent exhibitions and works, Huanca captures ephemeral moments to construct an ongoing narrative within her larger body of work.

SCAR TISSUE (BLURRED EARTH) will be punctuated by a series of live performances, each one unique and specially commissioned for the occasion. Here, painted performers, adorned with Huanca’s textural language, will leave their traces onto the installation as an evolutionary mark-making, which is constitutive of Huanca’s densely layered work. With the exhibition’s title, Huanca melds the body and the landscape in a linked process of change. Just as an earthquake leaves a lasting rupture, scars are renderings of history, maps of encounters. Like memories inscribed in flesh, scars connect us to specific spaces and times.

Abounding in sensory information, Huanca’s work interrupts vision and memory and in Huanca’s words: “…aims to leave a small scar on the retina, a lasting impression that remains with the viewer in an otherwise transient world”.

Donna Huanca
Faurschou New York
21 October – 14 July 2024

Photo by Billie Clarken, courtesy of Peres Projects
September 28, 2023