Brent Wadden Solo Show - About Time

Brent Randall, Husk Magazine, June 26, 2013

Canadian-born artist, Brent Wadden has been based in Berlin since 2005. His geometric abstractions and hand-woven fabric pieces colourfully blur the lines between traditional folk art and contemporary fine art, through his use and exploration of aboriginal, native or cultural totems. Within these intricate and complex geometric patterns, immediate references to traditional and tribal art challenge you to take a deeper look. The hidden geometry sort of tricks the viewers eye. With intense textures, complex patterning and the dissection of the canvass, Wadden plays with our focus; implanting abstracted portraiture within a framework of rigid geometry. Look a bit deeper into Wadden’s pieces and you’ll start to see the wild characters and totemic faces peeking back at you as they surface from the divisions.